2012 Personal Challenge

The 12 (in no particular order):

- Something recommended by my boyfriend, Aaron

- Banned book

- Biography
          **Born Standing Up: A Comic's Life - Steve Martin
Ok, so it's actually an autobiography, I took some liberty since it's my list :)

- Borrowed from and recommended by my sister, Stacie

- By an author with the same initials as me, JD

- Award winner

- A book that was turned into a movie

- Something recommended by an online "what should I read next" type of generator

- Set in a city or town where I have lived
         **The Uninvited: The True Story of the Union Screaming House - Steven LaChance
set in Union, MO, where I spent many summers working at Camp MO-Val

- With a publication date of the year I was born, 1978

- Chosen solely by the appeal of the cover

- A random recommendation